Improving patient outcomes

Healthcare professionals the world over are striving to make the impossible possible for their patients. Going the extra mile, and challenging the status quo. At CAScination we share these values. Our aim is to shift the paradigm in cancer therapy by providing cutting-edge stereotactic planning and navigation tools for tumour resection and ablation to help healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes and patient lives.

CAS-One navigation technology is available for interventional radiology, minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures and open surgery, and is indicated for use in surgical and percutaneous procedures to treatment tumours in the liver and other organs.


CAS-One IR is an end-to-end, stereotactic navigation system designed to assist in the planning, navigation and ablation of soft tissue tumors in the liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, and bones during percutaneous procedures.  

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CAS-One Liver is a stereotactic accessory for instrument guidance in open liver surgery. It visualizes in real-time the position and pose of surgical instruments relative to a three-dimensional model of the patients liver.


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OTOPLAN is a revolutionary otological planning software developed by CAScination in cooperation with MED-EL. The software helps surgeons to quickly generate customized 3D models from patients’ CT images and accurately plan the intervention. 

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